Tim Jenks Blues Guitarist - Mini-biography

Tim Jenks is a committed Christian with a passion for the blues. He has been involved in promoting the Lord via the medium of music for over half a century and has a fan base that stretches across the pond to the U.S. of A.

Read a little of his musical journey and those he has met along the way:

"It was 1962 when I joined St Jude's Church male choir - I was 9 years old - but it was around 1968 when I set about trying to change the face of church music in St Jude's, Wolverhampton. After playing my first song in church, aptly titled 'The Devil & Me' I swapped acoustic strumming for a cheap Les Paul copy guitar and began grinding out a boogie blues approach to music with a message that raised eyebrows in churches throughout the Midlands and Northern England where Coffee Bars were playing host to live gospel music bands.

With so many gigs available to play in the '70's, I abandoned a teaching career to form 'Aaron' with the Stuart Penny, Eddie Phillips, Trevor Howard and Colin Burke, a pro-unit that would complete 3 years on the road - 1 year touring England's pubs - and 2 years spent touring schools and colleges in the USA.

It started with a kiss...

My long suffering dear wife Gillian has literally suffered 40 years of all that goes with partnering a guitar player. Our first-born Danny gigged with my long-time mate John Martin and I when he was a teenager. Danny is a very fine drummer and has since moved on with his own band projects and family-hood, and various line-ups have sidled with me to perform blues, rock and gospel music.

The moving feast ...

It's time to move on...I've enjoyed the company of some fine players. More recently I've been privleged with: George Newsome - Ex-Climax Bluesband on drums - a very fine bluesman. Dan Clark is a musician's musician who has played bass with me, I've learned tons from the man who married my daughter! Gary 'Wardo' Ward has brought the drum stool some solid rock steady approach when I needed guiding through the rocking.. My trusty mate John Martin - on bass and guitar has known me since we sang in the church choir. We teamed up with Eddie Phillips on guitar. Eddie has written some of the finest songs I've ever played. Trevor Howard was our drummer then and he took to the road professionally with Ed and myself in 1975. Then last of all - but definitely not the least - Mick Duncombe the bass-man mate who has probably suffered the most !! Mick has endured all I've ever thrown at a bass man. We've played the lot. From Rory Gallagher to ABBA....

I salute them all...we are about to chart new waters. I'm planning a revisit of the blues that has given me the best times jamming with the friends listed on the this site plus hopefully folk I've never seen before…but still a barrel of laughs !!"

The Tim Jenks Band.....Where you find - 'Grass roots Rock with class.....'

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