The band 'Rocksalt' was formed in 1977 at the height of the church coffee bar scene.

The four original members of John Martin (Bass & vocals) Pete Mason (Keyboards & vocals) Tim Headley (Drums) and Phil Stokes (Guitar) put their combined and albeit limited musical skills together and started playing at any venue that would have them!

After three years Tim Jenks (guitar & vocals) joined the line up on his return from touring with his band 'Aaron' across the USA, and they were 'spoilt' with two guitarists! The band once more reduced to a foursome when Phil migrated south of the border to London.

Pete, Tim J and John have occasionally teamed up over the years with a variety of drummers to fulfil special engagements as Tim H moved to Wales. However the spring of 2015 was the first time the original line-up reunited as 'Rocksalt'.

Greg Szabo, the lighting engineer, flicked switches to make lamps go on and off and has subsequently made a career of flashing lights for real bands all over the world.

Rocksalt throughout the late 70s and early 80s worked with Youth for Christ, local churches and student unions and over the years played Spring Harvest , Green Belt and Fresh Ground as well as making a lot of noise in both Lichfield and Coventry cathedrals as well as school gigs ,churches, pubs and many other assorted venues. If they offered food, they went and played!

With the pressures of raising families and real jobs the lads laid down their instruments from gigging, calling an end to 1am motorway services meals - all ending up leading music in their local churches. Realising that the clock is ticking and only Pete and John still having a full head of hair, the idea came from a passing conversation between Pete and Tim J to do one more concert as Rocksalt. Things quickly accelerated out of control and demand to see the band could mean a tour of a few select venues while physically able to carry the equipment.

Those who remembered those heady coffee bar days, heard Rocksalt all those years ago and were allowed out of their Care Homes for the evening - or if just fancied a good evening out with some great Rock Music with a message, came and joined in the fun. The last time they all played together had been over 23 years ago but a great time was had by all!

Read all about the March and June gigs - and take a look at the pictures!

See this link to find out about where to see them live!

The next gig will be at the Well Community Church Wells Way, Camberwell, SE5 7SY London, United Kingdom, London

on the 26th September

Other dates and venues will be announced in due course.


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