Live On The Drive

Whispering Bonsai Gardener salutes the NHS - LIVE ON THE DRIVE...

You'll never Walk Alone -

23rd April 2019 - Our street always turns out to applaud the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic. I decided to jazz things up a bit beyond the usual clapping & saucepan banging. So I got out half my PA system & plugged in my Gibson acoustic & got the street singing. 'You'll never walk alone'...until the gigabytes ran out on the Wife's iPad!

He Ain't Heavy -

7th May 2020 - Since we've been applauding our heroes in the NHS on a Thursday at 8.00pm, 'Whispering Bob Bonsai', (aka Tim Jenks) a blues guitarist from Wolverhampton, is here performing a song 'Live On the Drive' .....

Somewhere Over The Rainbow -

14th May 2020 - In his final 'Live on the Drive' - Whispering Bob Bonsai (aka Tim Jenks) does his own arrangement of the classic song 'Somewhere over the Rainbow. Thank you NHS - envy of the World....








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