Tim Jenks Band Member - Mike Chandler

Mike Chandler hails from Hertfordshire and has his own outfit gigging in the South East. He's been joining in with the TJ Band in fits and starts since 2001.

"His most regular appearances were at the Newhampton Inn when Mick and I re-started the 'Room 4 The Blues'. He is a rock guitarist in the true sense of the word. Docile in character, but the mantle of Jimmy Page descends on him once he straps on his fabulous Gibson Les Paul - which I covet a lot ! Mike owns some absolutely delicious guitars - pictured here he is playing another axe I covet - that of his vintage Gibson 335.

Although hard rock is his forte he delivers some of the most tasteful blues playing I've ever had the pleasure to be alongside. To that end I find him marvellous to share the stage with when we launch spontaneously into a slow blues. He also has the patience to sit down and learn a recorded lead break lick for lick - something I've never had the inclination for. Showman he's not - but if you're a guitarist wanting to watch someone close-up on how guitar should be played ignore me and watch this fella..."

Mike regularly plays with the Beatin' Hearts... take a look at their website for details of where they are playing.

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