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I encouraged Tim to share his artistic abilities on here early in 2021. Lockdown due to Covid has led to many people dusting off old interests and developing new ones.

Tim has an 'artistic talent' that has surfaced at various points in his life. He would deny it is a just natural talent - but rather an interest that anyone could work on and develop....

... but take a look - and perhaps it will inspire you to take out your own paints, pens and pencils - or perhaps to commission an artwork for yourself...

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Tim Jenks – Landscape Artist

Apart from years of guitar playing and all of the associated escapades and opportunities that opened up for me because of that, there is a side of me that has only resurfaced in recent years.

Ever since childhood my Mom and Dad encouraged me to draw. My sister and I were fortunate to have an endless supply of sketch pads from the book binding factory where our dear Dad worked. For me, these were filled with sketches of World War 2 fighter planes and drawings of Superman from DC comics. (My sister will tell her own story).

I only ever became serious about drawing during my 'A' Level years at school – on one hand realism - I enjoyed creating field sketches for my 'A' Level geography work– but I also created water colour impressionist pictures that contributed to me awarded me gaining an 'A' Level the subject of art itself. My art teacher said my stuff reminded him of paintings by Claude Monet, the famous French impressionist – he was being kind to the extreme!

The number of sketches expanded into a considerable portfolio – the ones that copy well will be posted on here and create a history of our travel throughout the UK.

There was a gap in sketch output during my working years in the 1990s, but we will pick up on the late 2000s with a bunch of more recent caravan travels – a time when Gill and I were gifted National Trust membership by our kids.



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