Tim Jenks is the proud owner of Rory Gallagher's Cherry Telecaster Guitar


'Rory had a vast battery of guitars for recording purposes - not many of them saw the live stage. I was lucky enough to acquire one of his Telecasters that was built specially for him – or probably by himself.. I've since sold it on.

It has what resembles a Fender telecaster neck on an cherry satin finish mahogany body. There is a P90 pickup at the neck position and possibly a Bill Lawrence humbucker at the tail- although some opinions think it to be a Dimazio.

It is the loudest guitar I ever had my possession and was gigged hard - as the Gallagher Family would have wished. I hope the new owner gets as much pleasure out of playing this guitar as I did.

Here's a YouTube video of me explaining more...

"I acquired this fascinating guitar in 2012 following a Google search that led me New Kings Road Vintage Guitar Emporium. Strange Music – the Gallagher production and recording company that held Capo Records and other Rory holdings – were selling off some of the vast stores of gear that Rory had accumulated over his legendary career.

Pride of place by my choice were his Vox AC30s – of which there were 5 of them when I visited the shop, but £5000 was a little too much for an old valve amp, the breed of which I know will give trouble if you don't have spares near to hand !

The item that caught my eye of the limited Rory guitar selection on display – was the distinctive looking Telecaster – the likes of which is totally unique. The YouTube clip speaks volumes (literally.!) about this instrument. I have a certificate of authenticity from Daniel Gallagher at Strange Music verifying the passing on of this unique guitar into my possession.

I've had to do considerable work to it to render it serviceable as a 'fretted-player'. I suspect Rory commissioned this 'Frankenstein' for slide as the intonation; by way of the bridge plate position was inaccurate – not really an issue if your only using the guitar for slide work. I had to move the bridge-plate backwards 5mm in order to bring the adjustable saddles into play on the bottom 3 strings. The saddles couldn't be pulled back far enough to enable the guitar to be in-tune high up the neck. This meant re-drilling the saddle plate to retain screwing down in the original tapped holes, but thankfully this is invisible under the saddles.

The vintage rosewood telecaster neck – probably because of the years locked away in case and drying out – was losing its grip of its what feel like jumbo frets, the only cure being careful and cunning application of superglue to hold them down. Rory was fond of chunky frets. I also own a Fender Custom Shop Rory Strat and the frets on that do not resemble standard Fender fretting. The action is high for a lot of player's taste so making it useable for slide. Rory fans will also know that one incarnation of his famous Strat neck had Gibson frets imbedded, making it great for 'digging in'.

Geeks and luthiers will cringe at my superglue attack – but with a total re-fret I suspect the originality of this valuable guitar would be lost.

The grain of the alder or ash body shows through the fabulous cherry finish and that's about as 'telecaster' as it gets. The pickup configuration is a true conundrum – but generates a marvellous blend of fat sounding P90 soap bar with a split coil Dimazio-looking bridge pickup by Bill Lawrence.

A great instrument for Rory's brand of hard rock and blues tone – give the YouTube clip a play…you'll see what I mean… "

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