Tim Jenks, Stuart Penny, Eddie Phillips, Trevor Howard and Colin Burke.

Sound Engineer: Bernard McNally

Ken Hampton and Keith Conley




Anglo-American Fanfare was composed by Kenny Hampton and featuries Tim Jenks on rhythm guitar & lead vocals, Eddie Phillips on lead guitar and Kenny Hampton on keys & vocals

Heaven Bound - This track features the twin guitar playing of Tim Jenks and Eddie Phillips with Tim on lead vocals. The song grew from its original composition by Tim in a motel room whilst touring the US. The band took hold of it while grabbing some rare time for rehearsal whilst on the road. It steadily progressed as Tim and Eddie explored their rapport as 'twin lead' guitarists - improvising a lot! The song is still in Tim's set-list today - and continues to evolve.

Schoolday Blues featuring Tim Jenks on rhythm guitar & lead vocals and Eddie Phillips on lead guitar & backing vocals.

Popsicle Song was a complete departure from the progressive rock that dominated an 'Aaron' set. A Kenny Hampton composition, it was rehearsed 'tongue in cheek' but was a cute exhibition of what the band was capable of musically. Kenny, Eddie and Tim blended well vocally in close harmony and it served simply a pleasant diversion, reflecting the broad taste of music that each of the band had.


From an interview with Tony Cummings - March 2002

"The late '60s saw me introducing the electric guitar into our local church and the start of gospel rock making an impact within the coffee bar circuit. With a constantly changing line-up we settled on a three-piece boogie blues band called Life which spent most weekends hacking up and down the M6 to church coffee bar outreaches.

With gig demand ever increasing I prematurely ended my teaching career in 1974 to form the full time pro-band Aaron and after a year touring pubs and clubs - the emphasis being on playing places Christian bands normally didn't - Aaron was invited to tour high schools and colleges in the USA. Two nine-month tours followed and we successfully took on the secular glam-rock scene.

However I returned to the UK in 1978 and family commitments with the birth of my first son Dan meant the demise of Aaron before a recording deal could be secured."

The band members changed over the US Tour. The original line-up was all British: Tim Jenks, Stuart Penny, Eddie Phillips, Trevor Howard and Colin Burke - assisted by sound engineer Bernard McNally. But Stuart Penny left the line-up on the Mid-West stretch of the 76-77 tour.  They carried on as a 4-piece for a while but then added keyboards maestro - Ken Hampton was from Greenville, Illinois - the first American member of the band. Then when drummer Trevor Howard did not return for the second tour, he was replaced by Keith Conley, a drummer from Virginia Beach.

This promotional image was made for the First US Tour (1976)
This publicity photo was taken for the second tour (1977).
This promotional image was made for the second US Tour (1977)
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