Deep South Tour



Since touring with 'Aaron' in 1976 and 1977 I've always wanted to visit the deep southern states to see where my passion for guitar playing originated.

Like so many of my guitar mates and heroes my music roots are in 'the blues' and when Elvis took it all by the scruff of the neck – well my destiny was sealed.

My wife Gill and I decided to not 'plan' our holiday, but to simply fly into Atlanta, Georgia, climb aboard our chosen rental car - a convertible Ford Mustang - and ride… (Ride, Gilli Ride…). .

It's around 120 miles North West to Chattanooga from Atlanta – our first stop – and the State of Tennessee was probably my favourite state when I weigh up all the ones that Aaron played during those two ninemonth tours in '76 and '77. It's like Wales, only the weather is good. This was the only place we had a hotel pre-booked – just to avoid driving like headless chickens into the darkness on a very hot and sticky Tuesday 4 August 2015.

We stayed three nights just to do some touristy stuff around Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls and of course, go see the Choo-Choo. An afternoon river cruise was not that impressive in the rain, but the railway museum afterwards satisfied my endless desire to ride American rail cars.

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