Sands of Time - An EP of four original Tim Jenks songs (2002)


An EP featuring four original Tim Jenks Classics (2002)


When a gig-seasoned veteran makes a recording, even a low budget one like this, you expect tight production and well crafted songs. And that's what Tim delivers here. "Haunting Of The Ghost" is a '70s sounding rocker with a Jethro Tull-style lilt to it and a clever lyric about the Holy Spirit, "Heaven Bound" a billowing ballad with excellent guitar passages while the other two tracks both display solid, unfussy musicianship. Grassroots bluesy rock with class.

Review by Tony Cummings (Crossrhythms) January 2002



Lyrics and chord sequence for Haunting of the Ghost

Lyrics and chord sequence for Just what I need

Lyrics and chord sequence for Sands of Time

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