The Whispering Bonsai Gardener... chapter 1 - Episodes 1 - 10

An Introduction to the Whispering Bonsai Gardener...

Episode 1 - This is for folk interested in bonsai tree keeping, but taking a very down to earth approach....!

Episode 2 - This is the second of 6 videos looking at bonsai trees I've acquired as a result of searching my own garden & garden centre nursery stock.

My knowledge is purely accumulated from watching Peter Chan's Heron Bonsai videos & home experimentation!

Episode 3 - A humourous look at bonsai growing from the layman's viewpoint.

Is it a birch tree ?? Is it a variety of elm ?? Either way it has come from an interesting source...!

Episode 4 - A purely home grown bonsai

- with no effort or method - this philodelphus merely ended up like this through not liking its original location ! Another tongue-in-cheek look at the art of bonsai through the eyes of ordinary bloke!

Episode 5 - The 'Chamaecyparis' bonsai

...a brief look at a home created bonsai from a garden centre shrub. Tim Jenks is a Wolverhampton blues guitarist who enjoys the challenging of creating bonsai from household garden plants. This is not meant to be a serious look at how to be a bonsai 'ninja'..!

Episode 6 - The mystery bonsai tree...!

A tree rescued from under a privet hedge....Is it beech ?? Who knows until the leaves come out ! Tim Jenks looks at his latest acquisition - bonsai found down the garden !

Episode 7: Whispering Bob Bonsai In response to folk who have been contacting me via Facebook.

Occasionally you may suffer disappointment - not every experiment works out well!

A musical interlude!

The Whispering Bonsai Gardener (aka Whispering Bob Bonsai) takes a break from small trees & messes about with his other passion - guitars...and a fairly 'off the cuff', one-take song about current affairs...

Episode 8: The Whispering Bonsai Gardener - Japanese box leaf? Cotoneaster?

Here Whispering Bob Bonsai shows his attack on what he things is a cotoneaster dug from the bottom of his garden...he sets about exposing 'What Lies Beneath'.....

Episode 9: The Whispering Bonsai Gardener - Repotting the Box Leaf - or is it cotoneaster?

Whispering Bob Bonsai sets about preparing his Box Leaf twin trunks for a more 'leaningful' aspect in a smaller pot.

Episode 10: The Whispering Bonsai Gardener Finale - Tidy up time.

Whispering Bob Bonsai - aka Tim Jenks - concludes his light-hearted look at his bonsai hobby by tidying up the exposed root of a box leaf twin-trunk style tree he's repotted to expose it chunky root system.







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