The 3rd Nantwich Rory Gallagher Festival

"It was my privilege to be asked if I'd open proceedings in Nantwich over the August Bank Holiday. Rory fans from all over the UK gathered to celebrate our hero's life and music. The Star Inn in Nantwich landlord Mervyn gladly hands his car park over for the festivities. Despite the blight of PA total failure before we began and the subsequent lack of fold-back monitors for my set, we had a blast.

Number One Son Danny was on the drum stool and Number One Son-In-Law, Dan Clark was on bass duty. We covered off a few of the lesser chosen Rory & Taste numbers and I think it was appreciated by the crowd. These events are in danger of everyone playing the same songs if no effort is made to check-out what everyone else is playing!!

Despite unusually freezing temperatures and the audience's lack of suitable clothing the crowd stuck with us as darkness fell and the temperature plummeted! We pulled off a very impromptu version of Taste's 'What's Going On' as an encore and then departed the scene leaving it bare for Saturday's incumbents.

As well as taking part playing it was a pleasure to meet some really nice, friendly people. We made some very genuine new friends. Rory's Cherry Telecaster was a popular attraction as quite few took pictures of my beloved instrument as I laid it on display during Saturday's proceedings.

I hope the overall attendance allows Steve to put the event on next year, it was pleasure to take part. I'd like to give special thanks to Richard who provided me loads a photos and videos at no charge…Richard you are a Star yourself. There are few snaps here that give flavour of the whole event."

Tim Jenks November 2014

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