Tear Down the Walls

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An EP featuring five original Tim Jenks Classics and one by John Martin (2008)

Track listing:

1. Tear Down the Walls (Jenks) Lyrics and chord sequence click here

2. The Waiting Game (Jenks) Lyrics and chord sequence click here

3. The Rock (Martin)

4. Light That's Shining (Jenks)

5. It's the King (Jenks) Lyrics and chord sequence click here

6. Set me Free (Jenks)

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Recording 'Tear Down the Walls' was the third time I spent some time in the studio in 'semi-serious creative mode'. It was February 2008 and I'd managed to convince veteran blues drummer George Newsome to join me and collaborate with my longstanding bass-man come guitarist and vocalist, John Martin. George had an impressive CV having toured for 5 years with the Climax Bluesband, and recorded 5 albums with them. Topped off with some keyboards by another long-time collaborator, Julian Parkes and with some smart engineering by Chris Smith at Raindance Studios, Amblecote, 'Tear Down the Walls' scored well in the Cross Rhythms album ratings and the 100 or so I had pressed disappeared fairly quickly.

We recorded all the main instrumental tracks the old fashioned way - 'live' with all the gear in the studio, adding the vocals and minimal overdubs afterwards.

At recent gigs… folk are asking me if I have any albums available. Unfortunately it's becoming increasingly difficult to shoe-horn money into this side of the business, so at the risk of vilification from my friends in the music game, I've decided to give this one away. There is a recent Christmas album – 'Realms of Glory' but at the moment that is still for sale via Cross Rhythms so I'm not yet able to give that one away - yet.!

It is was it is…there's no great philosophical theme here. They are songs straight from the mind and frets of a guitar, stating how I was feeling at the time. 'The Waiting Game' was actually scribbled down somewhere in an USA motel room back in 70s when my first pro-band 'Aaron' were seeking full-blown commercial success. The pieces of paper all came home in a folder but it only reached my set list a year before recording it. 'Set Me Free' is straightforward statement on how I felt about falling short. 'Light That's Shining' I count as one of my favourites. Again scribbled down in the 70s it didn't see the light of day until I got back to together with John, joining him in Pete Mason's band at the time called 'Rocksalt'. Of gimmicky interest is 'It's the King'. The lyrical idea is straight from one of the books by Adrian Plass and is a semi-amusing send-up of how the evangelical church could easily get lost in its own 'happy-clappy' set up and forget the real reason for meeting on a Sunday.

I was fortunate enough to have the title track 'Tear Down…' played on BBC Radio Essex when Davy Jones of Monkees fame was also guesting on the afternoon show at the same time as me. Davy was very kind, he said (..can't remember all the words)…'There's a nice Chris Rea feel to that and that guy has a very commercial voice'… And that folks is my only brush with fame…!

by Tim Jenks (October 2014)

A Review by Anthony Longville (Crossrhythms) July 2008

Tim Jenks has played a lot of blues guitar since being something of a pioneer on the gospel rock circuit in the late 1960s, initially daring to introduce his church in Wolverhampton to the electric guitar. He has been in a number of bands over the years and now fronts this four-piece, which includes George Newsome formerly of the Climax Blues Band on drums. The band describe their music as blues, but I would say blues of a very gentle variety.

The opening intro to the title track reminds me stylistically of Chris Rea, and none of the six tracks here are going to rock your socks off, but the set is nonetheless really enjoyable and what plainly makes this work is Jenks's guitar playing which is a thing of beauty. There are a number of solos which really lift the spirits, culminating in a real corker on "Set Me Free". What we have here is just 22 minutes of music, but they are 22 minutes which will leave you wanting more, particularly more of that guitar. TJB sound like a band well worth catching live.


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