Mick Duncombe - Member of the Tim Jenks Band

Mick Duncombe is the bass-man mate who has probably suffered the most for his art when playing with the combo!!  Mick has endured all Tim has ever thrown at a bass man.  The Band has played the lot - from Rory Gallagher to ABBA.... and Mick came through!

When not on 'TJ Band' duty Mick is gigging regularly with local classic rock band 'Rubicon' making a name for itself up and down the UK at festivals and local rock haunts.

Of Mick, Tim says:

' Mick and I have known each for over 20 years. He didn't actually want to play in a band when we first got chatting at a blues jam I was involved in the late 80's. He turned to help me out one night just for the fun of it and has been turning up ever since !

His versatility, skill and broad taste make him one the finest sidesman to work with. This guy can play any style or genre you throw at him. He's also got a great Lemmy meets "Rod Stewart doing rock'n'roll" voice - which doesn't get heard enough in my sets. My 'straight from the hip and ignore the setlist' approach scares him to death - but I think that's what he enjoys so much.

Rehearsals are few and far between - we just play live together - and it seems to work!

Over many years of different music genres and Tim's affiliation with all sorts of musical projects - since the 1980's there's been one chap always around somewhere! Bass man Mick Duncombe. Mick will play any music (within reason) - he just loves playing & gigging. So much so - for little reward, no pretentions and happy to step down, Mick will take to the stage with Tim whenever he can. He has tons of other playing committment but has been faithful to Tim's love of blues boogie.'

Check out the Facebook Page for the '12-Bar' - it will tell you when Mick is appearing in the locality...

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